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Sudhir Rao aka “the WIZARD”, as he is famously called. Give him a concept and he will weave his magic to give you a design which is nothing less than mesmerizing and mind-blowing.
Inspired by his grandfather, who was an oil painter, Sudhir started sketching at a very young age. He used to steal his grandfather’s oil pastels to fill his own sketchbooks. His parents supported his love for art and egged him on to be as creative as possible and he, in turn, landed up drawing on everything and everyone. His love for art grew further into a love for body art and he started tattooing in early 2000s. He joined full-time tattooing with Body Canvas since September 2008.
His favourite style is black and gray illustration and surrealism. However, he does also have a secret love for color. Similar to Vikas, he has a very diverse tattooing style and does not let anything hold him back.
He believes the more thought the person puts into their own tattoo ideas – The happier they are with the outcome. It’s all about creating a design for the individual. He says – “Remember that tattoos become a part of you so get to know yourself and then come to see us for some body art!”

Shyam Waghmare – The Wagh (Lion) of BodyCanvas. He is the Shiva specialist. Let me know the kind of Shiva you want – be it angry, calm, mediating and he will create one for you. Also the winner of the best blackwork tattoo at the Goa Tattoo Convention, 2016.

Shyam loved drawing and sketching as a kid. He wanted to be a tattoo artist; however due to family commitments he used to work in jewellery cleaning. Even this did not diminish his passion for tattooing, he used to tattoo in whatever spare time that was possible. Unable to give up his passion, he decided to pursue tattooing full-time due to the full support of his family. He joined Alien’s tattoo initially for further training and tattooing knowledge and even started his own studio before joining BodyCanvas and being here ever since.

His favorite style is black and grey realism. He is our master for Shiva tattoos. Give me the weirdest of Shiva concepts and he would your concept come alive.

Our youngest artist (only as far as the age goes) - Santosh Solanki

At the age of 13, when teenagers want to enjoy life and are unsure of the career that they would be choosing, Santosh joined BodyCanvas to learn tattooing. He is a very hardworking artist and always displays a thirst for trying something new. Be it coming early to work for a client or staying back late to complete the work, Santosh is always willing to go the extra mile. Seeing his dedication to work, he has asked to join BodyCanvas, as a permanenSeeing his dedication to work, he has asked to join BodyCanvas, as a permanent employee and has been with BodyCanvas ever since.

Nilesh Janathe – The master of all. He loves to play with colors and likes to create designs which are out of the box for the designs.

ART has always been Nilesh’s first love. As he grew up, he decided he would convert his passion for art into a career option. He joined BodyCanvas to learn tattooing. During his course duration, his attitude and behavior was constantly observed. As a result, at the end of the course, looking at his dedication and high level of creativity, he was asked to join as a permanent artist (employee). He has been with BodyCanvas now for about 7 yrs and is an amazing artist when it comes to water-color effect tattoos.

He has a more different approach towards his tattoos along with doing freestyle tattoos and watercolor effect tattoos.

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