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Senior Tattoo Artist Santosh Solanki

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Professional Senior Tattoo Artist at BodyCanvas - Santosh Solanki

Our youngest artist (only as far as the age goes) - Santosh Solanki

At the age of 13, when teenagers want to enjoy life and confused about their career, Santosh joined BodyCanvas to learn tattoo making as full-time career.

He is a very hardworking and proved to be a professional tattoo artist displaying a thirst for trying something new. We were impressed by his extraordinary efforts which he delivers towards his work. He is always ready to take client appointment early or staying back late to complete the work, Santosh is always willing to go the extra mile.

Seeing his dedication to work, he was asked to join BodyCanvas Tattoo Studio and he solely takes care of our South Mumbai Branch (Peddar Road).

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