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At Body Canvas, we are the supporters of creativity, collaboration, and community for artists and patrons alike. We are truly fans of tattoo inspired art since 1998 and we are one of the old Tattoo Makers in Mumbai. Our focus is towards creativity and many tattoo artists got inspired by the culture at Body Canvas Tattoo Studio.

As we live a Tattoo Life, we love to make an impression with our clothing as well. And we aim to spread our creativity in the Tattoo Industry as in whole.

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Sullen Art Co. We are merchandiser of Sullen’s Tattoo Premium T-Shirt & Accessories Online in India.

Tattoo Artists at Body Canvas Studios are inclined towards Tattoo inspired apparels having Wicked T-Shirts, Caps, Bags, Wallets, Apron, Belts and Umbrellas.

Our Sullen Clothing Collection includes Tattoo Shirts For Men like Funky T-Shirts, Graphic T-Shirts, Tattoo T-Shirts, Printed T-Shirts, Ghost T-Shirts, Graphic T-Shirts, Cool T-Shirts, Poster T-Shirts and much more.

Along with Tattoo T-Shirt Collection Online, we also have Tattoo Accessories for tattooers, artists and designers.

Check our Website for complete collection to buy Tattoo T-Shirts and Accessories Online in India or abroad.

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