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Tattoo Artist Sudhir Rao

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Creative Head at BodyCanvas - Professional Tattoo Artist

Sudhir Rao aka “the WIZARD”, as he is famously called. We rely on him after we give him a concept and he will weave his magic to give you a design which is nothing less than mesmerizing and mind-blowing.

Inspired by his grandfather, who was an oil painter, Sudhir started sketching at a very young age. He used to steal his grandfather’s oil pastels to fill his own sketchbooks. His parents supported his love for art and egged him on to be as creative as possible and he, in turn, landed up drawing on everything and everyone. His love for art grew further into a love for body art and he started tattooing in the early 2000s. He joined full-time tattooing with Body Canvas since September 2008.

His favourite style is black and grey illustration and surrealism. However, he also has a secret love for colour. Similar to Vikas Malani, he has a very diverse tattooing style and does not let anything hold him back.

He believes the more thought the person puts into their own tattoo ideas – The happier they are with the outcome. It’s all about creating a design for the individual. He says – “Remember that tattoos become a part of you, so get to know yourself and then come to see us for some body art!”

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