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Professional Tattoo Equipment and Supplies in India & Abroad

Tattoo Industry is growing all over the world and people have started choosing Tattoo Making as their career. This has increased demand of Tattoo Making Tools & Accessories in large numbers.

It’s been more than 20+ years Body Canvas is part of International Tattoo Industry. Along with Tattoo Studio in Mumbai, Delhi & London, we also tattoo supplies in India and Internationally.

We are authorized dealer of Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment in India. Cheyenne have been developing and producing professional tattoo equipments in Berlin, since 2007. They deliver its professional tattoo equipment into over 63 countries worldwide.

Body Canvas believes in supplying high-quality tattoo products, professional customer service and knowledge in tattoo supplies we offer. We do not take shortcuts to serve our clients, this is purely in interest to flourish and keep Tattoo Industry safe with best Tattoo Machine & Tools.

The products we offer goes through strict safety & Quality standards before it is used by our customers.

If you're looking to buy tattoo supplies and equipment, Cheyenne is the right tattoo kit for beginners as well as tattoo experts.

Visit our Website to explore all Cheyenne Tattoo products from Hawk Thunders, Grips, Sol Nova, Hawk Pen, Hawk Spirits & Grips, Power Supply Units, Foot Switch, Cords, Grips, Safety Cartridges and Craft Cartridges.

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